andy barclay chucky 6

meets another student named Kristen, and the two develop a strong relationship. He tries to go out on a date with a woman he likes, Rachel, but while on a date the topic of the Second Amendment comes. Andy places the head on his table and lights up a joint, lamenting that it is just him and Chucky again tonight. Seeing her son's disappointment, after she drops him off at daycare Karen buys a doll for half price from a peddler. Unbeknownst to him, Chucky 's body breaks through the air vent behind Jack and strangles him. When they are best friends, he interacts with Chucky like it's an actual toy that he loves (the way he excitedly talks to the doll way too loudly when they first interact is another great moment in the movie). After the video ends the Chucky head laughs, taunting that maybe Andy is really crazy and belongs in the mental institution with Nica. Once Andy arrives at Harrogate, the guard tells him that visiting hours are over and he has to leave. After a brief fight, Karen throws Chucky into the fireplace, and despite Chucky's pleading, Andy lights a match and sets Chucky on fire. Andy says that his doll, Chucky, wants to stay up to watch the 9 o'clock news.

Andy is left alone, covered in blood and holding a gun, as the other Chuckys go to their doll forms, pasta recept malmö and the floors are littered with dead bodies. However, the dolls are too expensive for her salary, and he ends up getting clothes instead. Six months after Chucky attacked Nica, Andy gets a package delivered, and brings it inside. Despite Andy 's claims that Chucky is in the room, Ardmore goes to sedate him. They accuse Kyle of tying up Andy as a sick joke, and ignore Andy's pleas that the doll is alive.