malmö promenader

areas all year long, especially those evenings when the sky is coloured purple red in west. I was amazed how pretty the town is: there are a lot of fontains that lead into the sea, caffes and restaurants that are cheaper compared to Danish prices. You should be brave enough: it is very deep. Two beaches have comfortable white sand, one a great green area and the other two spacious wooden decks. It is recently renovated - its two saunas have large, wide windows with a great view, which makes autumn and winter sea bathing most enjoyable.

Common for every one of them is that the water quality is so good, that they can display Blue Flag.
Att laga mat efter en hektisk dag på jobbet.
Japansk Okonomiyaki a la Thea!

Sibbarp, sibbarp is situated in the district called Limhamn, about 5 km from the Ribersborg. Klagshamn, pizzeria express örebro ladugårdsängen naturally you have magnificent view over the Öresund Bridge from every of Malmös beaches, but the best one is from Klagshamn, more south of the city. Erst seit 1842 trägt sie ihren heutigen Namen und hatte seit 1462 unterschiedliche Bezeichnungen. Walking down the promenade, the length of which is about. Klagshamn, ribersborg Beach, ribersborg, in popular speech called Ribban and in tourist brochures Scandinavian Copacabana, is a three kilometres long beach with both sand and big green lawns. Sea bathing all year round, as mentioned above, you can swim in the waters of Öresund all year round in Ribersborg Kallbadhus. Kontakt, södergatan, 211 59, Malmö, Schweden, telefon: 46(40)341200 Offizielle Homepage.

Malmö promenader
malmö promenader