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a more complex immune score, as suggested by others (Davis in which clonal-like expansion of NK cells might be one important factor. Surprisingly, our data show that CD8 T cell and NK cell expansions in CMV-seropositive individuals were neither positively nor negatively correlated, indicating that these cells are independently affected by CMV infection. Confirming previous studies, the expansion of NKG2C NK cells was seen in approximately 2530 of the CMV-seropositive donors in the present cohort. ; Cicin-Sain.

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Måste ses!, Tjugofyrakyrkan, Det sanna personporträttet av Pär Johansson, Sollentuna Pingst, Filadelfia, Pingst Omsorg, Klangverkstan, yebba, Stockholm Community, Deliverance Church- Airways, John Guthed Photography, Sollentuna amatörfiskeklubb, Cykelköket Väsby, luchs, Johanna Josefine, Payne's Bar-B-Que, ibios Bibelskola, Kärlek till Örebro, New Wine Worship Sverige, New Wine Sverige. The low CD4/CD8 ratio in this group was mainly due to an increase in CD8 T cells and was associated with a very high CMV seropositivity rate (94 which is in line with our previous results (Olsson. Studies of HIV and hantavirus infections indicate that previous exposure to CMV might have a priming effect on the NKG2C NK population leading to a more efficient expansion upon additional viral encounters (Bjorkstrom. With increasing age, the immune system is gradually attenuated, a phenomena called immunosenescence, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality ria huvudkontor stockholm from infectious diseases and a reduced response to vaccination (Grubeck-Loebenstein. CMV encodes several highly immunogenic antigens and a high proportion of the total CD8 T cell repertoire is specific for CMV in seropositive donors (Kern., ; Lidehall. Thus, among the CMV-seropositive donors, some displayed perturbations in the CD8 T cells compartment but not in the NK cell compartment and vice versa, whereas a minor fraction displayed changes in both cellular subsets. In parallel, acute and latent CMV infection is associated with the expansion of NK cells with a distinct phenotype (CD57 NKG2C; Foley. The cellular and molecular basis for this deterioration is complex and not fully understood. The IRP thus seems to identify a subgroup of elderly with a more pronounced immunosenescence and increased short-term mortality for which CMV infection might be a necessary, but not sufficient, risk factor. Our data suggest that changes in the T cell and NK cell compartments occur independently from each other, underlining the complex nature of this virushost interaction shaped during millions of years of coevolution. The expansion of CD8 T cells is tightly linked to past CMV infection and has been associated with short-term mortality (Ferguson. ; Wikby.

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