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New York Giants Fozzy Whittaker (born 1989 running back, kick returner, Carolina Panthers Aaron Williams (born 1990 safety for. Milton Nance (19131997 historian who specialized in 19th century Texas at Texas A M University Gene Nichol (born 1951 president of the College of William Mary Hasan Bülent Paksoy (born 1948 historian, novelist Leonidas Warren Payne,. Wilson (19481969 Marine Private First Class awarded Medal of Honor posthumously War in Afghanistan edit Marcus Luttrell (born 1975.S. Knott (18781963 political cartoonist, illustrator, art educator Janet Krueger (born 1952 painter, educator LZ Thomas. Representative from San Antonio John. (19402014 sheriff of Webb County, Tom Schieffer (born 1947 diplomat, brother of CBS anchorman Bob Schieffer Mike Schofield (born 1969 member of Texas House of Representatives from Harris County since 2015; former policy advisor to Governor Rick Perry Alan Schoolcraft (born 1952 former member. Representative from Texas' 13th congressional district, Jason Isaac (born 1971 member of Texas House of Representatives from Hays County since 2011 JL Alphonso Jackson (born 1945.S. Calvert (19332000 historian Norma.

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Katrina Pierson (born 1976 Tea Party activist, Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Dan Pope (born. Army, Medal of Honor, Vietnam bästa dagis helsingborg 1967 Oliver North (born 1943 Lieutenant-Colonel, usmc (retired NRA board member and founder of the Freedom Alliance Chester. ragtime musician and composer Esteban Jordan (19392010 conjunto/Tejano accordionist Jimmy Joy (19021962 jazz/big-band saxophonist, clarinetist K Kurt Kaiser (19342018 church music composer Benjamin Kamins (born 1952 classical bassoonist Milton Katims (19092006 concert violist and conductor Robert Earl Keen (born 1957 singer-songwriter Bobby Keys (19432014 rock/jazz. Connally Kevin Cooney (born 1945 actor Chris Cooper (born 1951 actor; winner, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Adaptation, Seabiscuit, The Bourne Identity, The Patriot, The Muppets Barry Corbin (born 1940 actor, Urban Cowboy, Nothing in Common, Who's Harry Crumb? Garner (born 1958 lexicographer, grammarian, author, educator Fred Gipson (19081973 novelist, author of Old Yeller John Graves (19202013 author Jesse Edward Grinstead (18661948 author of Western fiction HM Christine Hà (born 1979 writer, poet, editor; chef who won MasterChef cooking competition in 2012 Hardy Haberman. Garcia (19412008 district attorney in Laredo John Nance Garner (18681967 44th Speaker of the US House and 32nd Vice President of the United States Tony Garza (born 1958 former.S. Austin (17931836 "father of Texas padre José Nicolás Ball (c. Newman (19272008 entrepreneur, developer, and philanthropist from Laredo Bill Nol (19141987 oil industrialist and philanthropist from Odessa Mary Moody Northen (18921986 financier, philanthropist Peter O'Donnell (born 1924 investor, philanthropist, Republican state party chairman, 19621969; leader of the Draft Goldwater Committee.J. Baker (18571941 attorney for William Marsh Rice, banker Judge James.

Chief Deputy Hennepin County Sheriff.
The following are notable people who were either born, raised or have lived for a significant period of time in the.S.
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