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in the degree certificate have been reported as finished courses in Ladok. News Events, highest increase of number of Masters students in Gävle. Noah studies how we can achieve a more sustainable behavior "The challenges for creating sustainability stem from human behaviour that we must change, says Noah Linder, PhD student in environmental psychology at the University of Gävle. If you apply for a degree certificate before all courses are completed and reported in Ladok, your application will, most likely, be dismissed. Check your information before you apply, only courses with a final grade, that is finished courses in Ladok, may be included in the degree certificate issued by the University of Gävle.

gävle universitet ladok

Ladokkonsortiet har ingen tillgång till uppgifter vid olika universitet och högskolor. Du som är student ska vända dig till det lärosäte du studerar vid. At University of Gävle, you apply direct via Ladok.

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Tillgängligheten kan variera beroende på lärosätets egna supporttider. Please contact the faculty in question for any measurements regarding grades, before submitting your application. You apply for your degree certificate at the university where you completed the last course of your education. You get to learn about a new country, a new culture and a new language says Lea Fobbe, a German doctoral student at the University of Gävle. Finner du inte ditt lärosäte i den här listan, vänligen kontakta din lokala kontaktperson. So please check your information and if something is wrong, you can contact for a correction, before applying for degree certificate. The newest issue of leve! At University of Gävle, you apply direct via.

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